About Us

The American Truck Driver Safety Association was founded due to the lack of real safety resources available to commercial drivers. It is our position that each driver wants to remain safe and wants to make safe decisions but doesn’t always have access to the proper materials and training required to do so. It is our goal to place quality resources that can be used in real trucking scenarios. The ATDSA takes “big data” and reduces it to real safety practices for drivers to apply daily.

Not only do we want to arm the drivers with the most knowledge to operate safely but we want to be a proactive resource they can turn to when they need help with situations that arise due to working in an over regulated industry. Our vast resources and networks are available to any member and we highly encourage them to use them as often as possible. Working in tandem in, the way our industry meant, will allow each driver member to be an asset to their company and family for years to come. Drivers can now, not only get access to their CSA scores, but understand how to use those scores to become safer and more valuable to the industry we all love.